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These feet were made for wandering…

Just a quick post to let you guys know that I’m still here…though not in the same “here” that I used to be. I’m in the Lion City, baby! By that, I mean Singapore. Until early tomorrow morning, anyway. I’ve been here a couple of times now, but I never run out of places to explore. Today, my sister and I had brunch at Pasarbella, walked the Ponggol Waterway up north (pictured above), then had early dinner at Joo Chiat/Katong in the East Coast. Most of my photos are still on my camera, but I just had to share some shots I got on my phone. If you’ve got podophobia (aka feet phobia. Yes, I looked it up!), better close this window now. Oops, you’ve probably already seen them. Sorry. :)) I’m such a sucker for patterns, and I discovered some darn lovely ones on the streets of Katong. Check them out below. (I apologize for my veiny feet, LOL.)   My feet and I’ll be wandering off to somewhere new tomorrow—and hopefully, we’ll be crossing some things off my …

Art Trails SG 2014

Every time I visit Singapore, I try to check out at least one of their museums. Last October, I had the chance to visit two of them, plus an art gallery and a quasi-art gallery—and I got in for free at all places but one! Unfortunately, I was too lazy to bring my camera, so I had to make do with my iPhone. Check out some of my photos below! ArtScience Museum I’d visited this museum before for the Harry Potter exhibit, but since my sister told me that the special Annie Leibovitz feature was nice, I figured I might as well go back. You usually have to pay to get in, but since it was a public holiday, I didn’t have to pay a cent. I even got a free guided tour to the Leibovitz exhibit, thanks to my good timing. I enjoyed seeing some of her most famous photographs, along with others that were more personal to her. Safe to say, I’m now a fan of her work. Photography wasn’t allowed in that exhibit, but I got a few …

Cafe Hopping SG 2014 (Part I)

Most people don’t go to Singapore thinking ‘coffee,’ but that’s exactly one of the things I look forward to the most when I visit my sister there. For such a small country, Singapore’s got a really happening third-wave coffee scene. During my recent trip, I made it my mission to sample as much of it as I could. Unfortunately, due to limited time, funds, and my hyper-acidic stomach, I didn’t get to go all out. I did visit 7 coffee shops in 13 days, which isn’t too bad. And this is where I share my thoughts on each of them! Since I’m no coffee connoisseur—in fact, I regularly violate the ultimate no-no of taking my cuppa joe with sugar—I’m not going to compare the nitty-gritty of the beans and brewing and whatnot. Instead, I’m just going to talk about what I liked about each of the places I visited. As before, my pursuit of coffee led me to areas of Singapore I hadn’t yet discovered, which I think is a cool side benny. Some people follow the food; I …

Going hipster in SG’s Tiong Bahru

This post was supposed to be for yesterday, but since it took me forever to upload photos, I’ll just settle for a belated Happy Easter. And since I skipped a couple of days–whoops–I’ll make this an extra-special post…and that means PHOTOS. People are always surprised when I tell them that Singapore’s among one of my favorite places to visit. It might be small and–let’s face it–pretty hard on the wallet–but I find it far from boring. Aside from the super efficient public transportation system and the good security, one of the things I love about the Lion City is its interesting neighborhoods, among which is the über-hip Tiong Bahru. It’s a bit far from Singapore’s central area, but like every other place in the country, it’s accessible by bus or train. I took the bus, since I had time to kill, and I always like seeing the scenery pass me by. Just a quick primer about Tiong Bahru: it’s actually one of the oldest neighborhoods in Singapore. It was once called Mei Ren Wu (den of beauties), because this was where …

I want me some Mr. Coffee

Came across this cool cafe while I was exploring Singapore’s Tiong Bahru district. Unfortunately, I had just gotten coffee at Forty Hands, so I passed up on trying Flock Café–which means I’ll just have to go back. Not that it’s such a hardship. Look out for my post about the ultra hip Tiong Bahru!

SG Snapshots

It’s been more than a month since I got back from Singapore. Think it’s right about time that I close that particular chapter of my trip journal. Here are some photos of memorable places that I explored and experiences that I encountered. 🙂

Kith Cafe, Park Mall

Kith Cafe, Park Mall

My first flat white…and I drank it before watching Snow Patrol live! Kith Cafe, supposedly among the top 5 in Singapore, was actually one of my surprise finds during my solo explorations. I just came from Fort Canning and was looking for a place to chill while waiting for my sister to get off from work. Chose this cafe mostly because of the quirky decor…I loved the MDF-looking material they used for the bar area where I sat. The flat white was similar to a cappuccino, but without the froth. Check out the official site by clicking on the photo above. 😉

My SG Top 10 Hits

It’s been two weeks since I got back from my “soul searching” trip to Singapore. I can’t say that everything’s clear to me now, because obviously, it’s not. But those twelve days I spent there were not in vain. Here are my Singapore top ten hits, in no particular order. This includes anything and everything from places to food to experiences that made my trip all the more memorable.