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Things that made me smile

So I had this whole serious blog post planned for tonight, but since my eyes are bugging the heck out of me (time to visit the doctor again for my abnormally dry eyes), I’ll keep this short and sweet. Here are two things I spotted in Makati today that made me smile. Should you even be surprised that both of them have something to do with coffee? I don’t think so. One of the things that made my day–a photo teaser of Starbucks’ third quarter feature drink: Dark Mocha White Chocolate Pudding. The white chocolate bit alone’s enough to get me excited about this drink, and the dark mocha’s a plus. Not too sure about the pudding part, but I’m game to try unique coffee concoctions. Could this be the Frappuccino to restore my liking for blended coffee drinks? Watch out for my review next week! Monday  Tuesday can’t come soon enough ❤

Mental Block, meet Random Ramblings

I’m noticing a trend here. I seem to find myself writing here whenever I reach a roadblock in my SEO writing attempts — which happens way too often than I’m comfortable with. Who knew it would be so hard to write a couple of articles given specific keywords? It’s even harder because the subject matters aren’t exactly in my wheelhouse. Heehee, that was the first time I’ve used that phrase; I keep hearing it on shows like American Idol and The Voice. It’s a pretty tingly expression…and I probably didn’t make any sense right there. Anyway, I’ve been trying to stimulate my writing juices in different ways: munching on the forbidden-but-oh-so-tempting Lay’s Sour Cream and Onion chips; jumping/running on our ancient trampoline; disturbing our husky, Coffee, as he sleeps peacefully in my parents’ room; even flailing and gyrating in my seat to the tune of Harlem Shake. Yeah, not a nice visual, LOL. After nearly a month of this SEO gig, I’ve boned up on things that I never before thought to research about, and …

Here’s to random beautiful things

We had a surprise guest during last Tuesday’s Creative Writing class, just as we were about to discuss the things that inspire us. I wouldn’t even have noticed if our professor hadn’t pointed it out. This huge ass butterfly, what we call a mariposa, perched on our window and stayed with us for the entire session. Makes me wonder what other amazing things I miss out on because I’m too busy to take a good look around me. We don’t really celebrate Thanksgiving in the Philippines, but today, I want to give thanks for all those chance moments that add a touch of magic to my everyday routine. Here’s to seeing that butterfly on the window! Happy thanksgiving to all 🙂

On iCloud and inCoherence

Don’t you ever wish that you could sync your thoughts to your smartphone/tablet/laptop? I found myself fantasizing over such an invention as I was taking a shower. I don’t know about you, but I always have these internal conversations going on while I’m doing the most  mundane things, like showering or driving. Tasks that become so tedious and monotonous due to routine, allowing me to just space out and run on autopilot.

Here’s to committing!

There’s this friend I have whom I often tease about being flighty.  You know the type: one moment, she’s into, let’s say, a book club that she just joined. A week later, she’ll call and say that she’s not so sure it’s working for her; it’s taking up too much of her time; yadi yadi yah. Then the next time you meet up, she’ll be raving about how their book club has this upcoming event that she’s excited about…You know how it goes. It’s been a constant point of altercation for us, with me lecturing her about making a decision and sticking to it, and her saying that she can’t help it, she goes with her heart. Sometime between the launching argument and that nth sip of coffee, we’ll get into the “I can’t help it if you’re a square, control crazy person, while I’m the spontaneous, fun one” talk. Fun times.  (Haha, Cel if you’re reading is, this one’s for you–just ’cause I’m jealous of your freakin’ three months Eurotrip!) Well, I’ve just realized one …