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Glamping and semi-tanning in Pico de Loro

Just got back from beautiful Pico de Loro. Pico is a residential resort village in Nasugbu, Batangas’s Hamilo Coast, and it’s named as such because Mt. Pico is shaped like a parrot’s beak–hence “de Loro” (Loro=parrot in Filipino). The trip to Pico was only a bit more than 2 hours from Makati using the Cavitex route, so it’s no longer “Pico de Layo,” as my friend told me. As a representative of Kristn/Hitlist, I went there with several media people and bloggers to experience luxury-style camping with Coleman Philippines’ new Glamping products. Don’t you just love that term? Glamping. It amazes me how even with the English dictionary being as thick as it is, we can still keep adding new words to it. Glamping refers to glamorous camping, and it’s meant for those who want to experience being one with nature without giving up the comforts they’ve grown used to.

Where I desperately tried to get a tan

…but failed quite miserably. (I do have a faint tan line from my bikini that I hope won’t fade overnight.) This means only one thing–I must go back to the beach soon. Or hike Pinatubo. Back to the real world–and it’s time to work, work, work! Will have a more substantial post up soon. Hint: It’s where I channel my inner heroine. Sort of.