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Because you’ll never go wrong with a classic

Taking a break from my usual coffee fare to indulge in an old favorite. No one does hot chocolate quite like Starbucks–it’s just the right amount of sweetness with those oh-so-delightful shavings (or chunks?) of chocolate. Even with non-fat milk and “light” whip (supposedly), it’s the perfect treat after a week with a stuffy nose. Now I feel like cozying up with a favorite blanket while listening to the rain pour outside. ❤ (Unfortunately, it's still quite warm where I am; thus, the 'over ice').

Butlers Chocolate–such sweet seduction!

I’m gonna go way off track, but I just can’t help it– I’m enchanted by the Irish. The Irish chocolate brand, “Butlers”, that is. I remember my dad coming home from the grocery one night and him showing me that box of Butlers Hot Chocolate Drink. He told me, “Here’s a new chocolate drink that you can try”. Not really being a hot chocolate fan, I just said okay and shrugged it off.