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Tropical Hangover

I sneaked in some time between writing an additional 3,000+ to catch up with my NaNoWriMo deadline in order to post some photos of our trip. At least, I’ve gotten this out of the way. Enjoy! Now, back to my main character’s quarter life crisis.@_@ // As always, thanks to my sister for some of the shots (especially those that had me in them, LOL).

Boracay Bliss

Boracay. It’s one of those places that locals keep coming back to and that foreigners often include in their Philippine travel plans. Before my trip this past week, I’d never been to Boracay (or Bora, as most Filipinos tend to call it), a fact that surprised a lot of my friends. I’d wondered whether it really was as awesome as people painted it to be or if it was simply overrated. When my sister invited me to join her, I figured it was as good an opportunity as any to go ahead and check it out for myself. So, is Boracay all hype or is it the real deal? Read on to find out what I thought about it and to get some travel tips!

Well hello there, Boracay!

Just a quick post to let you guys know that I made it to Boracay in one piece! The weather’s great–so far it hasn’t rained, and I actually think my face got a bit sunburnt already. Didn’t bring my laptop so the full post will have to wait ’til I get back to Manila on Friday. For now, I’m enjoying the sound of the waves mixing with this awesome Bossa track, and chilling on my lounge chair with the breeze stirring the air. Hope everyone’s having a great week!:)

Back to Zero

I was excited all week to start my “Pumped Up Wednesdays” series, wherein I’ll be featuring one specific coffee drink/coffee place weekly. I was brainstorming and researching on what new drink to try, all athrill as if it was to be my first ever sip of the ambrosia that is coffee. In preparation for the much-anticipated happy hours and Halloween partying next week, I went back to my doctor yesterday for my two-weeks-late follow-up consultation re my GERD. How sad is it that upon another peek down my throat, she discovered that there was still some swelling in my esophagus? There goes the young, wild and free chilling in Boracay. I asked my doctor if I could possibly sneak in a cup of coffee and a bottle or two of liquor, and she said that it would be up to me. If I do, I should drink my medicine before, but it wouldn’t be able to counteract the acid production. I promised that I’d limit it as much as I could, because I have to …

New trip lined up! :)

Yes, I am officially going to Boracay!!! SO excited; it’s my first time there! It really wasn’t in my plans to go anytime soon, but my sister’s spending the All Saints Day week there with my brother and their friends, and she invited me to stay with her for free at the hotel she booked. That’s one big expense down, at least. I was initially dithering about booking my flights–they’re quite expensive since it’ll be peak season at that time. Then I promised myself that I would finalize everything by today. As my luck would have it, Cebu Pacific opened a Seat Sale just this morning, and that included flights from Manila to Caticlan. Binggo! I purchased a one way promo ticket from CebuPac then got the return flight via Airphil Express. It all amounted to P5,207.56, more than a thousand bucks cheaper than the flights I initially intended to get. It’s still more expensive than my booking to Cambodia, but that’s pretty good, considering that I got them kind of last minute. After finalizing …