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Bottled Kicks: Dare Double Espresso

Well, look at what we’ve got here! Thanks to my sister who’s fresh from a business trip to Melbourne (and my brother who picked it up for me), I’ve got a new coffee to try. So far, I haven’t featured any bottled coffees yet, but I just felt that this is more than deserving of its own post. Bottled coffees are much harder to get right than fresh ones. Maybe it’s the coffee-milk-sugar ratio that’s the kicker, but of all the ones I’ve tried, I can count only a few that I truly enjoyed enough to want to buy them again. Unfortunately, that’s not always easy since some are imported. There’s Starbucks Frappuccino (that one I’m able to buy here), Baristar Coffee from Korea (I love ’em Korean coffees) and the local Nescafe canned iced coffees do okay in a pinch. Most others I’ve tried were either too watery, too milky or too sweet. Let’s talk about Dare. The first thing that got me excited was, of course, the Double Espresso part. To be honest, …

My 5 Most EPIC Journeys Up (So Far…)

If you’ve read my posts on my Seoul trip, you’re probably familiar with my love/hate relationships with stairs. Now, I’ll have to clarify that and extend it to encompass anything going uphill, be it steps, slopes or…whatever. You get the picture. I’ve never been a gym rat and, up until a few months ago, never maintained a regular exercise schedule. That changed because, aside from the health factor, I’ve realized just how beneficial physical strength and endurance is to traveling. If you get down to the basic nitty-gritty of it, traveling involves a hell of a lot of walking, especially if you really want to explore as much as you can. And more often than not, there’s bound to be that tower, hill or bridge you have to climb to enjoy the view at the top. Trust me when I say that THAT view and that experience will make the round trip more than worthwhile. Here are five of my most epic journeys up (so far), in chronological order. *     *     …

Gloria Jean’s Coffees

Gloria Jean's Coffees

Fresh from this afternoon’s shopping date with my sister! I usually get their chocolate macadamia or irish nut cream chiller, but since I’m trying to avoid or cut down on those sugar-packed frappes, I decided to try out their iced white chocolate mocha. Sadly, I wasn’t too happy with their version; not sure if it had too much milk or if it was just too watered-down. I’m not a espresso/black coffee person, but I DO like to taste the coffee in my coffee. Know what I mean?