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Musical Review: HIMALA by The Sandbox Collective x 9 Works Theatrical

Everyone said it was an experience that would stay with you, but I didn’t want to pin my hopes on other people’s opinions. After watching the play for myself, I can say that it was a musical experience unlike any I’ve witnessed before. It was disturbing and painful and beautifully made, and I hope more people get to enjoy it. 


6 Things You Should Know About Himala: Isang Musikal

The Sandbox Collective and 9 Works Theatrical are bringing Himala back to the stage this February, and from the sneak peek that I witnessed, it’s set to be one emotional rollercoaster of a musical. Read on to learn more about this production, and enjoy a preview of its music!

Musical Review: A CHRISTMAS CAROL by Globe Live x 9 Works Theatrical

With the Christmas rush in full swing, I avoid going to Makati and BGC, especially on a Friday night. Yet last week, we braved the TGIF traffic to watch Globe Live and 9 Works Theatrical’s A CHRISTMAS CAROL. I missed it last year—I couldn’t miss it again. Luckily, the roads cleared enough that we arrived at Bonifacio High Street with enough time for a quick dinner. In the Globe Iconic Store amphitheater, we stared at the lopsided brick buildings onstage and the oversized clock crowning them. People filed in, many of them families with kids buzzing with anticipation. I was excited—excited to see how they would top their production of Disney’s Newsies and to experience some snow. Soon, the stage lit up and music swelled. Time for some holiday magic. A Christmas Carol opens with an English town caught in the flurries of the holidays. Everyone’s merry and giving, except rich old Ebenezer Scrooge (Miguel Faustmann). He scolds kids, turns away pleas for donations, and rejects his nephew’s invitation to their Christmas dinner. As he …

Musical Review: tick, tick…BOOM by 9 Works Theatrical

Often, it’s the unexpected things that end up to be so memorable. I felt that way about Budapest five months ago, and I felt that way last Friday night while watching tick, tick…BOOM! When I first saw 9 Works Theatrical’s teaser for tick, tick…BOOM!, I was intrigued by the mere fact that it was created by RENT‘s Jonathan Larson. RENT has always been one of my favorite musicals, and its soundtrack is one of those I revisit whenever I get ’em Broadway blues. When I learned about its basic story line, I became even more intrigued. A musical about the trials and tribulations of an artist who chooses between compromise or perseverance? How could I miss out on that? Thing is, I almost did. And I’m glad that I didn’t. I feel that all well-written musicals have the power to touch and move people, but tick, tick…BOOM! is one of those I could relate to without even trying. It’s actually an autobiographical story covering the period right before Jonathan Larson’s 30th birthday. Not only is Jon …

GREASE is the word

Last night, I had the opportunity to watch Grease for the first time ever. I knew the story and was familiar with some of its songs, but I’d never seen it before. I’m so happy that my first experience of it was live. When it comes to theater, I tend to prefer heavier, more emotional material—which is weird, because I’m a happy-ever-after kind of girl—but what I loved about Grease was just how entertaining it was. It’s fun, funny, and flashy, and it’s a great way to spend a Friday night with friends. I’d missed 9 Works Theatrical’s first production of it last year, but thankfully, they decided to do a rerun featuring a mix of old and new cast members under the direction of Robbie Guevara. Interestingly enough, both leads were newbies to the Rydell family. Here are Tippy dos Santos as Sandy Dumbrowski and Guji Lorenzana as Danny Zuko. I’ve got to say, isn’t Tippy super pretty? Everyone in the cast was talented and totally in character—and man, did they rock those dance moves! They had me grooving along with …