Singapore: The Lion City

When I told my friends that I was staying in Singapore for twelve days, my friends asked me, “What on earth will you do there for TWELVE days? You’ll get bored!”. I told them that my intent was not to be a tourist, but to focus on my writing and my planning.

Well, it turned out to be the opposite. I was able to do some writing, yes, but mostly, I was too busy exploring the sights and charms of that small city. Twelve days weren’t enough for me to see all the things I wanted to. This just calls for another visit…thankfully, my sister’s working there now so I have an excuse to come back!

What can I say? I was impressed by the order of the city, and was pleasantly surprised at how nice the locals were. Nice in the way that they don’t push you in the MRT stations; they just politely wait for you to get a move on. That’s something you don’t see in most cities, especially during rush hour. I also discovered that there’s a lot more to Singapore than just the shopping and the amusement parks. Read on for my SG top ten hits, and for some other stories about my short stint there. 🙂

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