my love affair

I think it’s time to come clean with you.

I’ve cheated.

There was never only one.  Aside from the big world out there, something else has taken residence in my heart.  I’ve been seduced by the welcoming warmth and bittersweet goodness of man’s modern-day manna.


It started with just one sip. That touch of lips to green straw, the flow of brown liquid from plastic cup to mouth. Then there was that tingly sensation, that slight chill that came from the sudden rush of adrenaline. And suddenly, I couldn’t have enough.

Oh, Starbucks, you were my first, and you’ve awakened this thirst inside me.

I’m not a connoisseur, mind you. I don’t know all its intricacies; I just know what I do like and what I don’t.

Coffee, for me, is an experience. Either solo or social, it’s not just a cup to drink. I guess coffee to me is what alcohol is to others. Going through my past photos, I’ve noticed that my “coffee breaks” have always been tied with special moments. They may be small, everyday things, still, they count.

That being said, I’m going to bombard my blog with photos of various coffees that have made enough of an impression for me to actually take pictures of it. Some people photograph food, I guess with me, it’s coffee.

Me and my imaginary cuppa coffee 😛

I hope you’ll enjoy my coffee tales, and that they’ll whet your caffeine buds. It’s always a good time to take a coffee break! 🙂


  1. Coffee is very important. I have drank coffee in 50 countries. I like your photos and thoughts. I met the best people drinking coffee and have a good conversation. Thank you for blog.

    • 50 countries?? That’s awesome; I hope I’ll be able to say that myself in the future! Thanks a lot for checking out my blog. It’s nice to meet fellow coffee lovers 🙂

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