it’s me, yes, me!

I’m really no good at doing these “About” things.  Generally speaking, I’m a 20-something year old girl who just quit her job (and apparently has a distaste for referring to herself as a woman).

Why’d I quit my job? It’s simple–I wanted to pursue something that I love.

What do I love? Writing and travel. So it just makes sense to combine both in this simple li’l blog of mine.

I hope you’ll enjoy my tales and appreciate my photos, less than stellar though they are. I may make little, if any, sense sometimes, but that’s okay. If you find something that amuses you, confuses you or resonates with you, do hit me up. I’d love to know what you think 😛


  1. Designed by Words says

    Hi Rianne, thanks for visiting our site. Likewise enjoyed reading your travel tales here. Keep on writing. -Jenny

    • Hi Jenny! Thanks also for dropping by. I’m actually interested in joining your latest seminar/workshop. Maybe I’ll meet you there? 🙂

      • Designed by Words says

        Hi Rianne, yes I’ll be there. Do join us, it’s going to be fun. You’d meet other budding writers who may share your interests. Do check out the site for details on how to register. Have a great week ahead!

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