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Turkey All Greeced Up and Then Some

Witty hashtags aren’t exactly my thing, so whenever I try to think of one for my trip, it’s a minor struggle. Case in point, last year’s #CUrope2016, which I meant to be a shortcut for “See Europe.” My friend thought it was pronounced “Cure-ope.”

Hashtag fail.

I wanted this year to be better. In multiple airports,I mulled over it as I was killing time waiting for my connecting flights. I finally decided on two.

First, the generic #JustGo2017, because it seems that my year’s all about making moves (more about that in a separate post). So much of this past trip was about moving forward. No matter how uncertain things were or how unready I felt, just go was my mantra. Whatever happened, I’d wing it, I told myself. Just go. And I did.

Then the second, more complicated one: #TurkeyAllGreecedUpAndThenSome. Turkey and Greece were the bookends of my trip, with Hungary and Serbia in between. The first two were my longest stops, and though they had more similarities than I thought they would—food, products, ruins—my experiences in the two places were completely different. (Read more about that in my previous post.)


Before I write about each of the places I explored, let me give you a glimpse of them. This is my first real attempt at making a travel video, and many of the clips are quite shaky. That aside, I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Shoutout to The Ransom Collective, whose song Run (2017 version) provided the perfect soundtrack to my trip.

‘Til next time, happy wanders!

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