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#CUrope Chronicles: Ellipses, not endings

I’ve put off writing this for weeks—not for lack of things to say, but for my reluctance to put them to proverbial paper. Publishing it here, where I first sent this dream out to the universe, seems to put the period to the adventure, like:

This is it. The end. Fin.

When I showed up at work on May 30th, my colleagues told me I looked so happy, like I was in love. And I am. But not—to their disappointment—with a person. Instead, with places. So many places. I left pieces of my heart all over Europe. I suppose it’s a fair trade, seeing as I carry pieces of Europe in my heart as well.

Do you know those moments when you’re so overwhelmed with all the things you want to say that you just can’t find a way to express them? That’s exactly how I feel, which is why this post has been so hard to finish. Thankfully, though I wasn’t able to maintain a proper journal during my trip, I got to write about my first few days. Going through my notes now, I realize that I captured my feeling of awe as early as my third day in Europe. So I’ll let past me do the talking for present me.


May 2, 2016 | En route from Madrid to Seville

May 2, 2016 

Currently on the train to Seville. I should be sleepy, seeing as I barely got any sleep last night (the walls in the hostel are paper-thin). But the view outside my window holds me enthralled. It’s 7 AM, and the sun is only starting to rise above the horizon, its light painting the landscape in glimmers of gold. Trees and shrubs fill the rolling fields in neat rows, and up above, a line of white streaks the dusky blue sky. It’s only been 3 days, yet I prefer not to keep count. It limits my travel to a defined period of time. A period, when I dream of it being an ellipsis.

I remember my interview with YA author Stephanie Perkins, when she spoke of loving open-ended stories and ellipses. Now I truly understand what she means. There’s so much promise in an ellipsis. I long to be suspended in that, basking in the shimmer of the unknown. The many possibilities.

Oh, Europe. I understand now why you turn so many people into poets and artists. There’s so much beauty in your stone-lined, storied streets and changing landscapes. It seems an expanse of treasure, and in it, I can’t help but feel God’s majesty. How lucky, how blessed I am to experience such gloriousness.

Yes. My Facebook and Instagram ads are back in English. My body clock has returned to normal. My #CUrope trip is over. But it’s far from the ending. I’ve got so many stories and photos and learnings, and I can’t wait to share them with you.


May 28, 2016 | Alcázar de Segovia, Spain


  1. Vincent James Tio says

    I’m really excited to read more of your travel notes!

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