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Let’s go where?

I know. My sketching skills—and sense of proportions—leave a lot to be desired. Now you know why I switched from interior design to writing. :)) This is my first attempt at the whole typography/lettering + sketching thing. I’m hoping that I’ll get better at this with practice.

But back to the subject at hand. Did you get it? Do you know where I’m going?

Here are three hints:
1) It’s in Asia,
2) That bell-looking thing in the middle of the “o” is a well-known structure,
3) The airport code is literally written right there.

If you guessed Yogyakarta, you got it right! I’m going to Indonesia… With my backpack… And only my backpack.

*wide eyes here*

I’ll keep you guys posted on my progress. Hopefully, the Wi-Fi at the hostel—yep, hostel—really works. If not, I’ll tell you all about my adventures in solo backpacking when I get back to Singapore.

Borobudur, here I come!

Have any of you been there? Do share some tips with me if you have! 🙂


  1. The Greek Pinay says

    That’s awesome! The sketch and the destination, I haven’t been there but it’s in the bucket list. 🙂

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