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Going gaga over Toby

Toby’s Estate, that is. It’s the new Aussie coffee place that has made its way to Philippine shores and keeps me coming back for more. Considering that its two branches are both located in the busy, made-far-by-traffic city of Makati, that says a lot about its coffee. It’s simply delicious.

My low-fat cappuccino

So far, I’ve only tried the cappuccino and the mocha, but I was totally sold from my first sip. Here’s what our drinks looked like on our first visit, while they were still on their soft opening:


Two cappuccinos to go, please!

That was me attempting to take an artistic shot but not quite hitting the mark. The cappuccino was excellent. Smooth and flavorful, without that bitter, acidic taste that sets my stomach off. It’s served at the perfect temperature for me too — just warm enough to soothe my throat. One of my friends prefers her coffee piping hot, but I hate burning my tongue.


Okay, okay, my photography skills need a LOT of work! 😉

The second time I dropped by, I opted for a mocha instead. It’s rich and definitely chocolatey, with special chocolate imported from Ghana. It’s perfect for those who want their cup of joe with some cocoa, but the cappuccino’s still my favorite–for now, at least.


Three cappuccinos and a chunk of my favorite Buckies n’ Cream (not a brownie)

I love the place so much that I dragged two of my friends here last Friday. We all got cappuccinos, and it’s awesome how we got different latte art designs. Maybe it’s just me, but nice latte art adds to a memorable coffee experience. I’m still waiting on my swan though. Maybe next time, when I try their Gibraltar. It’s not on the menu, but it’s said to be one of their must-trys.

The kitchen’s now open for orders –YAY! — unfortunately, I’d just finished my dinner, but one of us ordered the eggs Benedict. The presentation is different from most eggs Ben, with the poached eggs and bacon bits (or was that ham?) dished up in a skillet and the two slices of bread served on a separate plate. Oh, and the Hollandaise sauce was also served separately. Bit confusing, but it tastes pretty good. Whatever that bread was, I loved how it melted in my mouth. I’ll definitely try their food menu next time.


Aside from the coffee, I love the cozy chic feel of Toby’s. It features a beautiful mix of cool white tiles, warm wood textures, designer chairs, and cute plant accents. Plus, there are outlets at practically every table! That right there is a good enough reason to stay longer.

Back when they were still on their soft opening

Back when they were still on their soft opening


These days, the place fills up quickly, especially during peak hours, so make sure to come early

Just 'cause I found them pretty (both the floral arrangement and the wooden table!)

Just ’cause I found them pretty (both the floral arrangement and the wooden table!)

Where the magic happens

Where the magic happens

I love their creative paper placemats!

I love their creative paper placemats!

They also sell their signature beans. I bought the Woolloomooloo blend at P600

They also sell their signature beans. I bought the Woolloomooloo blend at P600

Have you given Toby’s a try yet? Next time you’re in Makati, give it a go! It’s a great alternative to your daily brew. 🙂 I only hope they’ll open a branch somewhere nearer soon *keeps fingers crossed*

Visit Toby’s Estate at:

125 L.P. Leviste St., Salcedo Village, Makati


3rd Level, Century City Mall, Kalayaan Ave. cor. Salamanca St., Makati


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