Month: August 2013

Meet Jen Horn, Nomad Manager

People have different reasons for traveling. Some do it for the fun and excitement, others, for the shopping, still others, to learn and explore. Then there are those who go for the escape—to find something more. Jen Horn has experienced traveling for most of the reasons above, but it was only last year that she crossed the final one off her list. After deciding to take a hiatus from the company that she co-founded, Jen took off on a solo trip that spanned several countries in South and Southeast Asia. Armed only with her trusty backpack, an ancient BlackBerry and an open mind, she challenged the traditional Pinoy belief that it isn’t safe for women to travel alone. Two and a half months later, she came home with a renewed spirit and went on to pursue the idea that had been germinating in her head. Today, her brainchild, Muni PH, has already gained recognition for its environmental campaigns and promotion of local culture and arts, and Jen’s only getting started. Here’s a little peek into …

Because you’ll never go wrong with a classic

Taking a break from my usual coffee fare to indulge in an old favorite. No one does hot chocolate quite like Starbucks–it’s just the right amount of sweetness with those oh-so-delightful shavings (or chunks?) of chocolate. Even with non-fat milk and “light” whip (supposedly), it’s the perfect treat after a week with a stuffy nose. Now I feel like cozying up with a favorite blanket while listening to the rain pour outside. ❤ (Unfortunately, it's still quite warm where I am; thus, the 'over ice').