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Cafe Mary Grace Cappuccino

Last Sunday, I attended my first Contemporary Romance Writing Class session. It was all sorts of enlightening and amusing, but one of the highlights was my caffeinated companion.

I’d originally wanted to get an iced kopi from Toast Box, thanks to my new discovery about its connection to Starbucks’ Asian Dolce Latte, but since we were meeting up in Cafe Mary Grace, I figured I might as well just get my coffee there. Before then, the only drink I’d tried in Cafe Mary Grace was their iced mocha. I don’t remember much about it aside from it being rather sweet, but I do remember how my sweetheart of a client insisted on treating me there after one of our meetings in Serendra. Man, do I miss that client of mine.

Since I was in a whimsical mood, I decided to try out their cappuccino (yes, I really do associate fanciful, romantic thoughts with that frothy coffee concoction). Thankfully, I was well-pleased with my little cuppa–I’m not sure what beans they used, but I’m guessing it’s something like Illy–but I won’t go on about the drink itself. Instead, I’ll show you why their cappuccino was so memorable.


Isn’t that just lovely? One of the main reasons why Cafe Mary Grace is so popular is its beautiful, homey styling. How cute are those vintage bottles used for the sugar? And I just loved the latte art. First time I had a flower in my coffee. To round it up, I ordered one of their famous cheese rolls, which was still nice and warm from the oven.

Talk about the perfect meal to complement my romance class! ❤

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