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‘Cause sometimes, it’s better hot

I’ve hit a rough patch in my writing, and since I haven’t updated this thing in a while, I figured I’d sneak in a post. I’ll make it short and sweet 🙂

Yesterday was a pretty full day for me. In between attending my friend’s wedding reception in Tagaytay and meeting my high school friends for dinner and drinks, I needed a special hit to liven me up a bit — especially since I’d only had roughly two and a half hours’ worth of sleep. So even though I’d already had my allotted half cup of coffee for the day, I indulged in some UCC lovin’ while waiting for my friends to arrive in Eastwood.

Like most people, I have several “go-to” drinks in my favorite coffee places. You might know about my UCC Kori Kohi fixation, but before that was introduced, there was the iced white chocolate mocha. Starbucks has a pretty good version of it, but UCC takes the lead in terms of hitting that perfect balance between creamy goodness and caffeine kick. I’ve always ordered it iced; however, I’ve been recovering from a bad bout of cough and colds so I decided to play it safe and make it hot.


I know — it’s weird that the to-go cup comes with a saucer and teaspoon. I specifically asked them to put my drink in a paper cup so I wouldn’t need to rush through drinking it. Good coffee is meant to be savored, not downed like water.


I was surprised when I removed the lid and found caramel syrup dribbled over the whip. Whenever I’d order the iced version, it had white chocolate sprinkles, not syrup. That got me into worrying if I should’ve just stuck with what I knew and loved. Thankfully, one sip disabused me of that notion.

It was like euphoria in a cup. I know some people who don’t dig having whip with their coffee, but sometimes, it just works. This was one of those times–or maybe I’m just really into all things creamy, LOL. Seriously, though. It was the perfect fix to my tired, sleepy self. I was so happy that I almost forgot about my aching feet!

Aaaand just because I want to, here are a couple of photos of the wedding, or rather, the reception. Nothing like a happy ever after! ❤



Now, it’s back to work for me…


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