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25 for 2013

The one constant resolution I make at the beginning of each year is to shake off my excess padding. I guess it doesn’t say much about my resolve that I have to make the same promise every year. This time, though, I was able to shave off roughly fifteen pounds — FINALLY. It was a combination of exercise (particularly Zumba + our elliptical machine) and my GERD diet. Amazing what replacing white bread with whole wheat and sugary desserts with fresh fruits can do. I confess to slacking off this holiday season, however — my bad.

For 2012, I made another promise to myself. I swore that that would be the year when I’d take the leap, go off track and switch career paths.

If you’ve read my previous entries and/or know me personally, you’ll know that I checked that item off my list. Now that I’ve decided to say goodbye to interior design, this year will be all about immersing myself in the world of writing.

2013 is a big year for me — first, because it’s the year that I’ll be turning twenty-five (no need to joke about quarter life crisis, I had mine about a year or two too early) and second, because I’m pretty much starting off with a clean slate. As such, I figured, why limit myself to just one or two resolutions? Why not go all out and do as much as I can?

And so, my 25 for 2013 list was born. Some of the resolutions are very specific and easy, others are a lot more complicated and are hard to quantify. Nevertheless, I’m putting them out there and committing to them. Here they go —

  1. Finish fixing my room, and keep it fixed.
  2. Get my second pair of ear piercings.
  3. Keep a dream journal.
  4. Write everyday, be it for work or leisure.
  5. Get a job related to writing.
  6. Finish my novel.
  7. Get my novel out there.
  8. Do cardio everyday, whether it’s only walking or Zumba.
  9. Maintain the habit of going to the gym thrice a week, if only until my membership lapses.
  10. Trim an inch or more off my waist.
  11. Join and COMPLETE a fun run, even if it’s just 2.5 km (what’s the minimum distance, anyway? FIND OUT!).
  12. Climb a mountain in the Philippines — any mountain!
  13. Eat at least one serving of fruits and vegetables everyday, so help me Lord.
  14. Discover healthy recipes, and cook them for the family.
  15. Learn to ride a bike.
  16. Re-learn how to swim.
  17. Make friends with a random stranger — not counting anyone in school/the office.
  18. Date.
  19. Travel to at least two new countries.
  20. Travel to at least two new cities/islands in the Philippines.
  21. Do something new and/or unpredictable during each of my travels (unpredictable by my standards, anyway!).
  22. Open a time deposit account for the 2015 East Europe trip.
  23. Spend more quality time with my parents.
  24. Learn to manage my temper better.
  25. Exercise patience with others and with myself.

Whew, it looks like a doozy! I’ve already started on a couple items today, but the challenge will be keeping it up once the novelty and excitement have faded. I’ll post updates each quarter to keep track of my progress — that means that my first update will come right after my birthday! I’m looking forward to discovering what things I’ll have accomplished by then.

How about you guys? How will you make this year better than the last?



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