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Back to Zero

I was excited all week to start my “Pumped Up Wednesdays” series, wherein I’ll be featuring one specific coffee drink/coffee place weekly. I was brainstorming and researching on what new drink to try, all athrill as if it was to be my first ever sip of the ambrosia that is coffee.

In preparation for the much-anticipated happy hours and Halloween partying next week, I went back to my doctor yesterday for my two-weeks-late follow-up consultation re my GERD.

How sad is it that upon another peek down my throat, she discovered that there was still some swelling in my esophagus?

There goes the young, wild and free chilling in Boracay.

I asked my doctor if I could possibly sneak in a cup of coffee and a bottle or two of liquor, and she said that it would be up to me. If I do, I should drink my medicine before, but it wouldn’t be able to counteract the acid production. I promised that I’d limit it as much as I could, because I have to at least try one local coffee place there. The first two weeks I was on Nexium, I followed the rules to the letter. Now, well, I’m going to cheat somewhat. Hey, it’s not everyday that I’m in Boracay.

‘Til next week, I’ll leave you with a photo of the iced kopi I enjoyed while chilling in Sentosa’s Palawan Beach 🙂 So excited for my first Bora experience!

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