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1/2 Cup and a Sigh

It’s been nearly a month since I was diagnosed with GERD, better known as acid reflux. For me, the worst part of it was all the restrictions involved — no fried food, no fatty food, no chocolates, no alcohol, NO COFFEE. Basically, take most all the food and drinks that I love, and that’s what was on my “no contact with mouth” list.  According to my doctor, that was to be strictly followed within the two weeks that I was to take my medicated proton-pump inhibitors.

That was back in September 19.

What’s happened since then, and why did I not run over to the nearest Starbucks at the first stroke of that much-anticipated fifteenth day?

I stuck with the doc’s advice to the letter…well, more or less. I may have eaten a handful of potato chips one time, and maybe taken the tiniest bite of choco-cappuccino cake. But I did follow that no coffee rule, which was perhaps the hardest of them all. In fact, I didn’t take my first sip of coffee ’til last week, and I only drank about 1/4 of the cup at that. Call me paranoid, but after reading about all the possible complications of acid reflux, I was determined to make a lifestyle change. At least, as much of a change as I can.

Since the day I went to the doctor, I’ve only had coffee five times: twice while enjoying my buffet breakfast at the Mandarin Oriental (both 1/4  cups only), one Starbucks Iced White Chocolate Mocha (I finished about 3/4 of the tall cup), and two home-made half cups, one of which I’m currently savoring.

That’s an average of twice a week, more or less. A far, far cry from my twice (or thrice, when I’m in the office) a day habit. If I could boast to be a supremely disciplined person, I would eradicate it from my diet completely. Since I’m not though, I’m settling for limiting my coffee, chocolate and fried food intake, and eating more fruits, veggies and whole grain food.

I’ve learned that while coffee is not something I want to do without, it’s something I can, and should, take in moderation. So I suppose I have to satisfy myself with half-measures and the occasional caffeine indulgence. And because my caffeine intake is limited, I just have to make my indulgences all the more special and record-worthy. A fine challenge, indeed. Watch out for my first attempt next week!


    • Haha that’s the screensaver of my Kindle 😉 But now I’m trying a new series by Catherine Mann. How about you?

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