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The Berlin Wall, Germany

So this is where I feature photos of a specific place, event or experience that I find truly memorable. In keeping with my previous post wherein Berlin was mentioned, I’d like to start off this series with my visit to the Berlin Wall — particularly, the Berliner Mauer East Side Gallery.

Throughout our short stay in Amsterdam, Berlin and Hamburg, Sheila and I adhered to several suggestions of our wise and most knowledgeable travel companion: Rick Steves. It was he who led us to Muhlenstrasse, home to a 1.3 km stretch of the historic Berlin Wall. Though there are several other remaining portions of the wall found throughout the city, we decided to make it a point to visit the East Side Gallery due to the main thing that sets it apart. While the other remnants of the Wall were left in their original condition, this particular length was transformed into a huge open air gallery commemorating the trials and triumphs that took place there.

Back in 1990, artists from all over the world came together, put vision to concrete, so to speak, and turned the remnants of the Wall into something beautiful and truly unforgettable. There are about 105 paintings found here, some bright and full of joy, others speaking of despair and still others satirical and highly abstract. Still, despite the varied styles of the artworks, there’s this cohesion in its fundamental celebration of freedom and its expression of hope.


Sheila and I went here early on a Sunday morning. The street was pretty much deserted, aside from the parked cars and the occasional drive-bys. I felt that it was better that way. It complemented the hazy skies with the sun just starting to peek through the cover of clouds, and added to the haunting, poignant atmosphere of the gallery. We didn’t have to vie with other tourists for a good view of the paintings; we could simply walk at our pace and take everything in silence. It was the perfect way to start off our last day in Berlin.

Once again, photo credits go to my awesome Eurotrip buddy, Sheila. Join me next week for the second installment of Friday Foto Flashback. Happy weekend! 🙂

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