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Apple Updates

My brother just bought a new MacBook Air, finally converting to Apple. He was asking me all these questions about the features, and I was like, I don’t have that in my laptop?!

Yes, I’ve been lazy in updating my software. I heard about Snow Leopard and Mountain Lion, but was never really interested in them. First off, because I had to pay for the updates. Even though Mountain Lion IS relatively cheap at $19.99, I’m a cheapskate when it comes to things like this. I’d rather buy a good cup of coffee, a new book or a round-trip ticket to some faraway

Now that I’ve the time to actually review the updates on the Apple website, I found myself giving in to the lure of that Buy button — if only so I can really utilize the iCloud feature in tandem with my phone. I had to get the latest update for my OS X first; that took around an hour to download and set up.

As for the Mountain Lion…dang, that download is taking forever! I read a couple of the reviews and found out that, for some people, it took DAYS to download that 4 GB update. Seriously?

I’m hoping that it won’t come to that. I don’t know if it’s my seriously sucky WiFi connection that’s to blame, but I sure do pray that I’ll get the update up and running within the day. Super excited to check out the new features!!!

Oh and since I was already in the process of testing my patience anyway, I went in for the whole shebang and started downloading the iOS 6 for my iPhone. My brother told me not to ‘coz apparently the Maps aren’t nice, but I want that Panorama feature for the camera. LOL.

As of now, the iOS download is about a quarter done, while the Mountain Lion’s at about 10%… and going slower than a snail. @_@ I’m hesitant about using my laptop in the meantime, since I read that it’s better to close other programs during the download process. Here I thought it would just take an hour to finish everything. Just goes to show that I really should read ALL the reviews first, and not just those that are at the top.

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