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And The Verdict Is…

Acid reflux.

Say whuuut? I guess it’s one of the many wonders of the human body–the interdependence of the different systems and organs.

Two years ago, I experienced this clog in my ear, like what you’d get after swimming. Only, I had not swum in ages, and no matter how much I tried to clean my ear or pound water out of it, it was still there. I was scared that I was going half-deaf, plus I was worried that it would worsen during my upcoming business trip to Germany. So, I hustled myself down to the hospital, and after consults with two ENTs, it was determined that there was a buildup of mucus at the back of my ear. Basically, it was a byproduct of your common cold. The doctor prescribed meds for my cold, along with painkillers. The heavy juice was for my flight, in case I’d have problems due to the pressure when changing altitudes–you know, when your ears pop during take off? True enough, I did experience some pain. Felt like my eardrum was going to explode or something.

Anyway, my current predicament follows the same concept. Apparently, the area at the back of my throat (or larynx, can’t quite remember) is swollen because the acid from my stomach rises and “burns” that part of my throat.

The doctor was able to reach that conclusion from my description of the symptoms and a very uncomfortable examination wherein she inserted a long, slightly thick metal tube into my throat. It’s a microscope or camera of some sort that enabled her to see the interior of my throat…at least, what little area she could see. I wasn’t the most cooperative patient. It took around five attempts until she could get a peek, and she wasn’t even able to see it completely. Guess I have a really bad gag reflex.

Thankfully, whatever sliver she saw sufficed for her to determine the treatment. She prescribed Nexium, which is supposed to suppress the production of acid. Along with that, she told me to make changes in my diet, including my liquid intake. Specifically, I am not allowed to drink coffee.

No coffee for TWO WEEKS. And get this–no milk, juice, chocolate or alcohol either! In other words, I’m down to water and water only.

There are other restrictions, like no spicy and oily food, but the coffee part’s the one that hits me the most. Honestly though, I was pretty relieved at the end of it ‘coz at least I don’t need surgery. One of my worst fears ever.

This is going to be quite a challenge, but I hope it’ll be worth it in the end and that my throat will get better. I’m just wondering what to substitute for coffee. You know what they say about kicking an addiction and finding something to compensate for it…

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