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UCC (Ueshima Coffee Co.)

Kori Kohi. One of my ultimate coffee indulgences. The first time I tried this (probably a year ago or so), it was just a special offering of UCC’s. Now, it’s already included in their regular menu, and with good reason–it’s sooo incredibly good!

It’s served in threes: a 0.25 liter carafe of warm fresh milk, a small pitcher of sugar syrup and a tall glass filled with delicious coffee ice cubes (or should I say cubelets, as they’re small? LOL). You pour the milk over the ice and watch in delight how the ice melts and mixes with milk to create a really nice taupe color. Then you pour in a bit of syrup for sweetness. Yummy!!! I love this different take on iced coffee because it eliminates that pesky watery taste of regular ice melting into the drink. Best thing about it is that you can flavor it according to your taste.


At Php199, it’s pricier than a Starbucks or Coffee Bean drink, but it’s totally worth it. So far, I haven’t found a cafe that offers anything similar to UCC’s Kori Kohi. Definitely a must-try for coffee lovers out there!


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