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Just Coz I Like Beautiful Things

Yesterday, I accompanied my sister on a last-minute mall run before she left for Singapore.  We were browsing around BAYO, a local boutique, and I was telling my sister that I kept seeing tops that I liked, but that I won’t shop for anything aside from exercise clothes since I need to save up for Scotland. Yes, I am serious about going!

Minutes after saying that, I came across a display of jewelry. Curious cat that I am, I came closer…and found this necklace.

I could’ve stopped with just admiring it by touch, but no, I HAD to try it on. And once I did, there went my conviction. I just fell in love with its design and craftsmanship (BTW, I wore it the wrong side up in this photo, LOL). Do you know what I mean when I say that it’s so me? Well, it is.

My sister knew that I was a goner then and urged me to buy it. That was all the push I needed to whip out my much-abused credit card and claim that last piece for myself.

I have such poor self control. This is why I should NEVER try things on when I know I should be saving. Lesson learned…but it wasn’t such a bad lesson, anyway. At least I haven’t been buying jewelry for myself lately (yup, still trying to justify it haha!).


  1. Oohh nice! You’ll be shopping at Silver Vault before you know it haha! And don’t worry about having poor self control, I feel the same way about nail polish!

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