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On iCloud and inCoherence

Don’t you ever wish that you could sync your thoughts to your smartphone/tablet/laptop?

I found myself fantasizing over such an invention as I was taking a shower. I don’t know about you, but I always have these internal conversations going on while I’m doing the most  mundane things, like showering or driving. Tasks that become so tedious and monotonous due to routine, allowing me to just space out and run on autopilot. Somehow, those are the times when I come up with the best phrasings; unfortunately, I can’t just grab a pen and notebook or my phone to jot everything down. Then later on, when I do have the opportunity to write or type, I find that the moment has passed me by and the right combination of words has tumbled into disarray.

How convenient it would be if thoughts could be inputted into writings as you think. That’d be a hella cool version of the iCloud, don’t you think? (To anyone who, through a miracle or just plain supreme awesomeness, can actually make that happen, I hope you give me credit for the idea, LOL :P)

Prior to that lightbulb moment of mine, I was actually thinking how helpful it is to look at yourself naked (or semi-naked, in my case). No, I’m not into anything deviant. Really, if you’re working towards a target weight or body structure (musculature?), it’s good to check yourself out in the mirror from time to time. See how you look in your birthday suit or bathing suit or undies, and note the areas that you want to tighten, strengthen or tone. If you’re up for it, you can take a picture every month or so, just to check on your progress. Of course, I was too chicken to do so; paranoid that someone might accidentally see the photos and think I’m some exhibitionist.

Seriously though, I feel motivated when I look at myself in the mirror and notice even the slightest changes in my body. That image keeps me from sneaking in a handful of chips in the evening or skipping out on my gym sessions. After all, I am determined to have an at least PASSABLE photo ala Tomb Raider in Cambodia come February. The ultimate goal is for me to be able to post it here without feeling self-conscious about it. Just you wait!

Rewinding some more, I’d like to share with you some thoughts I had while I was in the office yesterday.

Yes, I found myself back in the office–at 8 freaking AM, to boot! It was for a good cause though; my former coworkers planned a surprise send-off breakfast for our team members who are headed for Cebu to start up our new showroom there. Since one of those is a close friend of mine–actually, she was my Eurotrip 2010 partner–I definitely had to be there. We had a great feast, with french toast, scrambled eggs, pandesal, extra crispy and mouthwatering bacon, chicken nuggets (c/o me) and of course, coffee. It was great catching up with everyone while indulging with extra servings of that terrific bacon.

Of course, everyone kept asking me what I was doing now. That was after the “Are you back in the office for good?”. Then there was the dreaded: “What are your plans?”.

Man oh man, do I hate that question. I dance lightly through my noncommittal reply, all the while feeling the twitching of an eyebrow. I know the intent is good; still, it frustrates me that I do not have a concrete plan yet. For somehow who prides herself on being logical and clearheaded, I can’t figure out what my next steps should be.

Honestly, I’d like to shoot for being spontaneous and impulsive for a change. I was thinking “reckless”, but then figured that I can only change so much.

It was weird, being back in the office. I had to stay until shutdown time at 7 PM, since we had a dinner & drinks continuation of the despedida. That made for eleven hours in the office! Everyone was caught up in a flurry of activity, and I felt like a loose piece of thread, dangling in the air. Technically, I had no obligations to work–but then I had this weird compulsion to at least LOOK busy. The phone rings and since no one’s available to pick up, I snatch the receiver (still labelled with my name, by the way) and drone our standard greeting in a perky voice. It was like I never left. Conversely, everything was different.

If I still harbored the tiniest bit of doubt about whether or not I made the right decision to resign, it was put to rest yesterday. I did make the right choice, and I have no regrets. I miss the people and I definitely miss the money, but I would rather stumble and fall while pursuing my dreams rather than look back twenty years from now and wonder what I could’ve been/done if I only had the courage to try.

Ooh, what started out as quirky read has evolved into serious (not to mention incoherent) stuff! On a lighter note, before my gym time today, I was preoccupied with copying and sorting our US 2007 + Europe 2009 + Korea 2012 photos (shout-out to my brother for collating everything for us). It was great to reminisce about those trips, and I’m so excited to share my stories and photos with you guys. Look out for those over the next few weeks! My promise to myself is that I cannot go on another trip without documenting the past ones first. I’ll start tomorrow! For now, I’ll post a coffee feature to tide you over 😛

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