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Blenz Coffee

Pardon me for the supremely sucky photo quality.  We had to rush back to the office, so I was only able to take a quick shot with my iPhone in the car (lest my iced cafe mocha gets all watered down and useless). It’s too bad that I wasn’t able to capture the distinct line between the milk and the espresso/Belgian milk chocolate mixture.

Upon my first sip, I was dazzled by the rich, sweet milkiness seasoned with that hint of bitter caffeine. I didn’t want to ruin the presentation by mixing it all up, but neither did I want to miss out on the complete taste of it. I must say, I did prefer the un-mixed version as you really get to savor the Belgian chocolate that’s one of Blenz’ trademarks. Still, it’s one of the most memorable iced cafe mochas I’ve tried so far. Next time though, I’ll do without the whipped cream–I think it masks the real flavors of the drink (not to mention that it adds calories we all do not need! 😛 ).

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I wander on strides of leg, swells of word, and flights of fancy—and always with coffee.


    • Ooh yes, please do! Especially now that I have to lessen my coffee intake, I need to make each sip count LOL. Let me know if you find anything good!:)

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