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Gloria Jean’s Coffees

Gloria Jean's Coffees

Fresh from this afternoon’s shopping date with my sister! I usually get their chocolate macadamia or irish nut cream chiller, but since I’m trying to cut down on those sugar-packed frappes, I decided to try out their iced white chocolate mocha instead (as if that’s much less fattening!). Sadly, I wasn’t too happy with their version; not sure if it had too much milk or if it was just too watered-down. I’m not a espresso/black coffee person, but I DO like to taste the coffee in my coffee. Know what I mean?

This just gave me the idea to make a comparison of the different iced white choco mochas I’ve tried. Look out for that soon! (I’ll have to do some preparatory research first :P) BTW, I just Google-d Gloria Jean’s–did you know that it was founded in Chicago, USA? All the while I thought it was completely Aussie! It wasn’t ’til 1996 that the rights were bought for Australia. Who’d have thought? (info c/o Wikipedia)

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