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Kith Cafe, Park Mall

Kith Cafe, Park Mall

My first flat white…and I drank it before watching Snow Patrol live! Kith Cafe, supposedly among the top 5 in Singapore, was actually one of my surprise finds during my solo explorations. I just came from Fort Canning and was looking for a place to chill while waiting for my sister to get off from work. Chose this cafe mostly because of the quirky decor…I loved the MDF-looking material they used for the bar area where I sat. The flat white was similar to a cappuccino, but without the froth. Check out the official site by clicking on the photo above. 😉


  1. I came across your blog by the “coffee” tag – I love Snow Patrol, and flat whites, and you make me want to quit MY “job” (okay, college) and go travel writing 🙂

    • Thanks for dropping by! Actually I wasn’t much of a fan of Snow Patrol before I watched the concert…they’ve converted me, though! 😉 Re college, I wouldn’t recommend quitting haha; it’ll come in handy one day (even just as a back up plan!). But definitely take the time to travel and do what you love 🙂

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