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Here’s to committing!

There’s this friend I have whom I often tease about being flighty.  You know the type: one moment, she’s into, let’s say, a book club that she just joined. A week later, she’ll call and say that she’s not so sure it’s working for her; it’s taking up too much of her time; yadi yadi yah. Then the next time you meet up, she’ll be raving about how their book club has this upcoming event that she’s excited about…You know how it goes.

It’s been a constant point of altercation for us, with me lecturing her about making a decision and sticking to it, and her saying that she can’t help it, she goes with her heart. Sometime between the launching argument and that nth sip of coffee, we’ll get into the “I can’t help it if you’re a square, control crazy person, while I’m the spontaneous, fun one” talk. Fun times.  (Haha, Cel if you’re reading is, this one’s for you–just ’cause I’m jealous of your freakin’ three months Eurotrip!)

Well, I’ve just realized one thing: there’s some flightiness in me, as well.I’ll admit it, when it comes to social media, I love starting fresh. I’m not talking about FaceBook, or LinkedIn, or whatever new social network there is. I’m talking BLOG (or journals, in general).

It seems that each stage of my life was documented with a different type/form of journal.  I started off with the average notebook diaries in grade school, replacing them when I found another design I fancied.  In high school, I stepped it up by “investing” in PhP 1000+ artsy hardbound creations that raised the eyebrows of my friends (“I can’t believe you spent more than a thousand bucks on a journal!”).

Then there came the internet, which brought everyone to their desktop computers and laptops. I forget the first blog platform I used, but the second, and to date, most long-lived one was Multiply. That was laden with all the rants, frustrations and exultations of the confused college student that I was, along with tons of photos of my projects and first travels.

When I started working, I decided that I needed a blog that was just for me, where I could pour all of my troubles and complaints without having to worry about any consequences.  My choice was Tumblr, and I kept it anonymous. Then I resigned and started a new blog, also in Tumblr. I said to my sister that THAT would be my official and public writing platform.

Some two weeks later, here I am (and this is where the flighty part comes in). I’m trying out WordPress, in hopes that it’ll suit my requirements better, especially since I am committed to this writing thing.

Note that I said “committed” and “writing thing” in the same sentence. How much conviction can you “hear” from that statement?

Okay, I need to really own it. By hook or nook, I’ll have some of my works published by year end. This officially marks the start of a new era–that of regular gym workouts, more spontaneity, more traveling (I pray to God!) and above all: writing, writing, writing.

Get ready for me, world!

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