Month: August 2012

Cafe Nescafe

In preparation for my upcoming posts about our South Korea trip, here’s a shot of my morning cappuccino from Cafe Nescafe. We actually chose this place because it was more or less just across the street from Changdeokgung Palace, which was our first destination for that day. Unfortunately, I don’t remember much about this cappuccino so it must’ve been just so-so. I do remember being disappointed that their food menu wasn’t varied enough–my siblings and I settled with just sharing one ham+cheese+etc sandwich. Hopefully, they’ll add more items to their menu so that they’ll appeal to tourists visiting the palace nearby.  

On iCloud and inCoherence

Don’t you ever wish that you could sync your thoughts to your smartphone/tablet/laptop? I found myself fantasizing over such an invention as I was taking a shower. I don’t know about you, but I always have these internal conversations going on while I’m doing the most  mundane things, like showering or driving. Tasks that become so tedious and monotonous due to routine, allowing me to just space out and run on autopilot.

Blenz Coffee

Pardon me for the supremely sucky photo quality.  We had to rush back to the office, so I was only able to take a quick shot with my iPhone in the car (lest my iced cafe mocha gets all watered down and useless). It’s too bad that I wasn’t able to capture the distinct line between the milk and the espresso/Belgian milk chocolate mixture. Upon my first sip, I was dazzled by the rich, sweet milkiness seasoned with that hint of bitter caffeine. I didn’t want to ruin the presentation by mixing it all up, but neither did I want to miss out on the complete taste of it. I must say, I did prefer the un-mixed version as you really get to savor the Belgian chocolate that’s one of Blenz’ trademarks. Still, it’s one of the most memorable iced cafe mochas I’ve tried so far. Next time though, I’ll do without the whipped cream–I think it masks the real flavors of the drink (not to mention that it adds calories we all do not …

A Different Breed of Coffee

Just to mix it up–for today’s coffee feature, I’d like to introduce y’all to our beloved pet husky! You guessed it right; his name’s Coffee! (Yup, this caffeine addiction does run in the family;) ) Here, he’s sporting an oh-so-stylish collar…What a friend of mine calls “the cone of shame”. We’re not playing dress up with him; it’s to keep him from scratching his poor, swollen right ear.  

When Officemates Are More Than Just People You Work With

Here’s an entry from my Tumblr account that I wanted to share with you guys. I wrote it for my officemates, roughly three weeks after my last day at work.   14 August 2012, 4:51 PM Let me start off by saying, unequivocally, that never in my life did I imagine I’d work in sales. EVER. Back in grade school, I remember sitting quietly at my desk, appearing to be involved in my textbook when I actually had a paperback hidden inside it. Later on in high school, the reason for my silence would be that I’d be sleeping on crossed arms laid on the table. A teacher or two had called me out for that more than once, but I always reasoned that it was better to be asleep than to be participating in the ruckus of the rest of my class. And so the trend continued all the way through college, where it became worse due to the long hours spent working on plates. Suffice it to say, everyone probably expected me to go …

Starbucks Coffee Traveler

I love this–it’s so ME! This was one of the surprises my office mates prepared for me first thing in the morning on my last day: a traveler jug filled with enough coffee for our team. Can you tell that I’m known for my coffee intake at work?;) Then there’s all the pandesal (bread rolls that are considered a Philippine classic), hot and fresh from the oven. Coffee + pandesal = totally awesome morning! 

It’s In The Cards

Before I start, let me say that everything I write is just based on my thoughts regarding my own experience. 🙂 When you were young, did you have that moment when your dad told you not to play with *those* cards because they were evil/wrong? I did. In the hazy recesses of my mind, I remember coming across a pack of tarot cards in one of our cabinets. Or maybe it was an ouija board. Now I’m second-guessing my somewhat unreliable memory. For the purpose of this entry, let’s say it was a tarot deck.